Drive Rush Stunt Driving & Car Control

The MOKO Foundation supported Jewel Jones to pursue her dreams of becoming a kiwi icon in the stunt world.

Jewel is an ambitious 18 year old Māori woman from Te Hapua in the Far North who has canvassed every opportunity to enhance her skills in the NZ film industry.  She has successfully completed a Fight for Camera Workshop as well as being involved in gymnastics and dance.  

Jewel's upbringing has been a solid training foundation for her success, throughout which she was actively engaged in a range of activities including swimming, horse riding, diving, yoga, trampolining, motorbike riding and driving.

The Drive Rush Stunt Driving & Car Control course included the following skills:

  • Parallel stunt parking
  • Reverse parallel stunt parking
  • Race off in specially designed relay course
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • J-turn/reverse spins
  • Jump car then parallel park
  • Front wheel drifting
  • Two wheel driving

Stunt Driving Jewel