2016 Silicon Valley Experience, San Francisco


The MOKO Foundation supported Carym Wharerau to participate in the 2016 Silicon Valley Experience.

Carym is a Year 12 student at Okaihau College in the Far North who aspires to work in the design and animation industry. His achievements to date include DVC Student of the Year (2014), NCEA 1 with Excellence endorsement in Design and Visual Communications, PE and English (2015) and Student Representative.

For Carym the most interesting fact of technology is the creativity it brings out in people.  Technology has been a big part of his life and he finds himself being much more creative and confident with the use of technology.

In July 2016, Carym travelled with six other students from Northland, Auckland and Christchurch to travel to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, to visit some of the largest firms on the globe and experience for themselves the world's leading technology hub.  The trip involved visiting companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and IDEO and many other businesses impacting the world every day.

For more information about the Silicon Valley Experience, click here.

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