Our Opportunities

Connecting people with opportunities in Education, Leadership and Health 


The MOKO Foundation supports young people to pursue their educational aspirations by connecting them with opportunities for higher education and enhanced learning.

Below is a list of learning pathways we have supported to connect aspiring students with opportunities.


The MOKO Foundation supports aspiring young leaders to pursue their dreams, providing opportunities for them to participate in conferences, symposiums, forum and events that nurture their leadership qualities.

Below is a list of of events we have supported to connect aspiring young leaders with opportunities.


The MOKO Foundation supports opportunities for advancing health equality and equity for vulnerable children, young people and their families.

Below is a list of current health initiatives we have supported to connect whānau with healthier alternatives and wellbeing.

If you need some awhi from The MOKO Foundation to pursue your dreams and aspirations in Education, Leadership or Health initiatives, fill out an application form.