MRSA The MOKO Foundation

The MOKO Foundation today launched the MRSA promotional video.
The MOKO Foundation has begun a courageous and innovative project to eradicate MRSA, starting with the Far North New Zealand.
MRSA is the term used for bacteria of the Staphylococcus aureus Group (S aureus) that are resistant to the usual antibiotics used in the treatment of infections with such organisms. Traditionally MRSA stood for such methicillin (methicillin) resistance but the term increasingly refers to a multi-drug resistant group. Such bacteria often have resistance to many antibiotics used against S aureus.
Prevalence rates by the District Health Board show a significant higher rate of MRSA in Northland.
The Moko Foundation has secured support from sponsors who have a commitment to the eradication of MRSA. We are thankful as are the families who are receiving the care and guidance they need in their home.
As we begin to communicate and promote our service it is evident that we will need continued and further support to eradicate MRSA.

We are thankful to the families that have contributed their time and shared their journey with MRSA.